After the forest fire


Burn #75 by David Nadel.

David Nadel has photographed the remains of burned-down forests in Northwest Montana for much of the past four winters. A resident of the state, he hikes up mountains and treks through trail-less terrain while lugging a large-format camera. He shoots color, though many of his images look like black-and-white etchings. His exhibition, “Burn,” is on view at Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York through March 26.


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Steichen’s WWII photographers

More on Steichen here.

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California, 1940

Lange - Migrant Worker 1944

Photo by Dorothea Lange. 4.11.1940.

Edison, Kern County, California. Young migratory mother, originally from Texas. On the day before the photograph was made she and her husband traveled 35 miles each way to pick peas. They worked 5 hours each and together earned $2.25. They have two young children… Live in auto camp.

National Archives (via)

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Pacific Ocean

Sugimoto - Pacific Ocean

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Pacific Ocean

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Penn Station, ca. 1910

Penn Station


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Blue marble

Blue Marble

Earth as seen by the Apollo 8 astronauts orbiting the moon, December 29, 1968. (NASA, via)

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Photo of the Day

Eisenhower's Air Force One

Eisenhower’s Air Force One. Photo by Christopher Griffith. (via)

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Photo of the Day

bluefin tuna

“This past summer, Kenji Aoki photographed a live 5-foot bluefin tuna for a New York Times cover story. The fish was kept still using acupuncture and was fed through a tube in the back of its mouth.” via

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Alec Soth - Falls 26

Alec Soth, “Falls 26” (2005). (via)

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Oceanscape - Renata Aller

Oceanscape by Renate Aller. (via)

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Photo of the Day

Jazz Club

Dancers in a jazz club, Washington, D.C., between 1938 and 1948. Photo by William Gottlieb. (via)

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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday at the Downbeat Club in New York, between November 1946 and March 1947. Photo by William Gottlieb. (via)

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New York, 1958

52nd Street

52nd Street, New York, ca. May 20, 1948. (via)

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Columbia Park, Philadelphia, 1901

Matty McIntyre

Matty McIntyre, left fielder, Philadelphia A’s, 1901. Probably taken at Columbia Park in Philadelphia, the first home of the A’s. (via George Eastman House)

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Photo of the Day

Bronx snow melter

Bronx snow melter. Photo by Joseph O. Holmes.

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Zeppelin, 1924

LZ-126, Friedrichshafen, Germany, 1924

“The LZ-126 departing Friedrichshafen, Germany on October 12, 1924 for its flight across the Atlantic. Upon its arrival in Lakehurst, New Jersey, the ship entered the United States Navy as ZR-3 USS Los Angeles.” —

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Empire State Building, opening day, 1931

Empire State Building, 1931

Photo by Samuel H. Gottscho (via)

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Photo of the Day

Launch of Frank J. Hecker

Launch of the Frank J. Hecker. St. Clair, Michigan. September 2, 1905. Via Shorpy.

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New York, 1932

Abbott - Night View

Night View by Berenice Abbott [New York at night, Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave., West Side, 34th and 33rd Streets], 1932. (via)

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Montgomery, Alabama, 1958

MLK arrested, 1958

Martin Luther King, Jr. is arrested for loitering outside a courtroom where his friend Ralph Abernathy is appearing for a trial, Montgomery, Alabama, September 3, 1958. Photo by Charles Moore.