New York City, 1950

New York City, 1950, photo by Elliott Erwitt

New York City, 1950. Photo by Elliott Erwitt. Buy it here.

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Photo of the Day

Mediterranean Mantis

A Mediterranean mantis. This photo is among the early entries in the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest.

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George Orwell colorized

Colorized by Edvos. Date and photographer unknown. (Via Colorized History.)

Flickr Find of the Day

Back Bay 1870's

The Back Bay in progress. Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, looking west toward the intersection of Dartmouth Street, ca. 1872. The photo seems to have been taken from the tower of the First Baptist Church, on the corner of Clarendon Street. From the wonderful Flickr stream of the Boston Public Library.

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“Yosemite, Plan View, 2012” by Dan Holdsworth. More of Holdsworth’s amazing photos here.

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Zuckerman screen shot

A beautiful web site from photographer Andrew Zuckerman with a gallery of remarkable photographs of animals. The concept: “Substituting his minimalist visual language for the conventions of traditional nature photography, Zuckerman extracted his subjects from their environments and recontextualized them in the clarifying white space to distill each animal to its most essential qualities.”

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New York, 1950

Walter Sanders - Fog in New York

Walter Sanders
Fog in New York, January 1, 1950

Via Facie Populi

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New York, 1944


André Kertész
West 134th Street, New York, 1944

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Fan Ho


Fan Ho
Approaching Shadow, Hong Kong, 1956

Via Facie Populi. More here.

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After the storm


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Coney Island, 1952

Bourke-White - Beach Accident

Margaret Bourke-White
“Beach Accident”
Coney Island 1952

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Route 66, 1969

Haas - Route 66

Ernst Haas
Route 66, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1969)

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Antietam, 1862


“A lone grave on the Antietam battlefield” (1862)
Alexander Gardner (via Slate)

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Goodbye, summer

Weegee - Coney island Beach

“Coney Island Beach” (1940)
(view in hi-res here; via Aphelis)

Labor Day weekend. Always a melancholy time. Goodbye, summer.

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Lartigue again


Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986)
“Etretat” (1907)
Silver gelatine, print around 1965

Via Galerie Berinson

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Lartigue - The ZYX takes off

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986)
“The ZYX takes off… Piroux, Zissou, Georges Louis and Dédé try to fly, too, Rouzat, September 1910”
Silver gelatine, print around 1965, 60,1 x 74 cm

Via Galerie Berinson

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New York, 1908

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan bridge under construction, seen from Washington Street, June 5, 1908. The bridge wouldn’t open for another 18 months and wouldn’t be completed for another four years. More newly released historical photos of New York here.

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Graham Greene by Yousuf Karsh

Karsh portrait of Graham Greene

Graham Greene, 1964. Portrait by Yousuf Karsh.

L.A.P.D Archives, 1955


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Richard and Mildred Loving, 1965


Richard and Mildred Loving (1965), by Life photographer Grey Villet.

Exiled from their native Virginia for violating the state’s anti-miscegenation laws, the couple were the appellants in the landmark Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia (1967). The Lovings’ story is told here. More on the Life magazine photos here and here.

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