John and Me, cont’d

Globe image

Another shot of today’s Boston Globe. Read the article here.

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Boston, 1940

Boston, Valentine's Day Blizzard, 1940

The 1940 Valentine’s Day Blizzard. Cars on Washington Street in Boston stalled out in the heavy snow, Feb. 14, 1940. (Via Boston Globe)

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Tweet of the Day

Kobe tweet

Kobe Bryant was drafted at #13 in 1996, passed over by my beloved Celtics, who took Antoine Walker instead. Ouch.

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New York, 1950

Walter Sanders - Fog in New York

Walter Sanders
Fog in New York, January 1, 1950

Via Facie Populi

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New York, 1944


André Kertész
West 134th Street, New York, 1944

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Fan Ho


Fan Ho
Approaching Shadow, Hong Kong, 1956

Via Facie Populi. More here.

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Chief’s ring

Robert Parish is selling his 1986 Celtics NBA championship ring. How sad. Best single-season NBA team I’ve ever seen. (Via Red’s Army.)

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Today’s paper

Boston Globe after Obama's re-election

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Graying Obama


New Bloomberg Businessweek cover, out today, imagines Obama’s appearance in 2016.

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After the storm


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New ad campaign for Defending Jacob in Poland. Akcyza! (That means exciting. I think.)

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On the subway

NYC subway reader

Reading Defending Jacob on the NY subway (via Underground New York Public Library)

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Dispatch from Paris

dj paris metro ad

A cool new advertising campaign for Defending Jacob to run in and around Paris, including the Metro, and train stations all over France. (Courtesy of my French publisher, Michel Lafon.)

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Three Lawyer-Writers


At Bouchercon 2012 in Cleveland with fellow authors Twist Phelan and Linda Fairstein. October 5, 2012.

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Coney Island, 1952

Bourke-White - Beach Accident

Margaret Bourke-White
“Beach Accident”
Coney Island 1952

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Route 66, 1969

Haas - Route 66

Ernst Haas
Route 66, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1969)

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Demolition of Boston’s West End

West End

Chambers and Barton Streets, July 19, 1959 (via).

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Antietam, 1862


“A lone grave on the Antietam battlefield” (1862)
Alexander Gardner (via Slate)

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Happy 49th


One nice thing about doing an appearance on your birthday: the crowd just may sing “Happy Birthday” to you. This is me conducting the singers at the Duxbury, MA, Public Library last July. It was my 49th birthday. The event was sponsored by the Westwinds Bookshop in Duxbury. (Photo by Julius Prince.)

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Goodbye, summer

Weegee - Coney island Beach

“Coney Island Beach” (1940)
(view in hi-res here; via Aphelis)

Labor Day weekend. Always a melancholy time. Goodbye, summer.

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