“I’ve been stumped here for a while”

Paul Simon performs a partially written “Still Crazy After All These Years” in September 1974: “I’ve been stumped here for a while.” I know the feeling.

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Sam and Dave: You Don’t Know Like I Know (1967)


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Teddy Thompson: In My Arms

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Ali for Apple

Think Different 15-second TV ad, 1997

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Steve Jobs introduces the “Think Different” campaign

Steve Jobs introduces the “Think Different” campaign in 1997. To put this video in perspective, remember where Apple was in 1997. In terms of market share, the company had only about 3% of the personal computer market, bottoming out at 2.8% in July 1997. Its stock traded at around $4 or $5 a share, also bottoming in July 1997 when it sank below $3.50 a share. In its previous fiscal year the company had lost $1 billion.

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Talking Heads: Life During Wartime

From Stop Making Sense, 1984. Almost 30 years ago — ouch.

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Amy Winehouse: “Teach Me Tonight” (2004)

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Billy Preston and Ray Charles: Agent Double-O Soul

Oh my! (Via Soul Sides.)

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Southie reacts to the capture of Whitey Bulger

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NHL ’67

Amazing footage of the 1967 NHL season (though you may want to turn the sound down).

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Making books is fun!

“This man is an author. He writes stories. He has just finished writing a story. He thinks many people will like to read it. So he must have the story made into a book. Let’s see how the book is made.”

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How to Tie Your Shoes

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Book trailer for Andrew Zuckerman’s Wisdom

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Continuous Partial Attention

Linda Stone on attention in the age of web overload. This 2006 talk is remarkably prescient. The addled, distracted feeling she described five years ago as “continuous partial attention” feels like a permanent condition now.

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Mark Twain on film

Mark Twain at his Connecticut home in 1909.

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Bird vs. Magic

If you’re a hoop fan of [cough] a certain age, this HBO documentary on Magic and Bird is great. You can watch it on YouTube for now, beginning here. Do it soon, before they take it down.

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How to Balance Work and Family

Nigel Marsh: How to Balance Work and Family

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Steichen’s WWII photographers

More on Steichen here.

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Record Club: Need You Tonight

“Need You Tonight” (INXS cover) – Record Club

More information about Beck’s Record Club project here.

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Wanda Jackson: Thunder on the Mountain

Wanda Jackson – “Thunder on the Mountain” (with Jack White) (via myonetruevine)

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