Happy reading

Penguin Classics ad

This new ad campaign for Penguin Classics is lovely. (More here.)

Just keep making


Amen. You can buy this poster here.

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Book lust (a continuing series)


Concept design by Elizabeth Perez for Fahrenheit 451. “The book’s spine is screen-printed with a matchbook striking paper surface, so the book itself can be burned.” Very cool.

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1984 recovered

New cover treatment for Orwell’s 1984 by David Pearson. See all five of Pearson’s designs for Penguin’s George Orwell series here. (A bit more information is here.) The last image, with the title entirely cut out, was Pearson’s initial concept, rejected by Penguin for cost reasons.

1984 by David Pearson (drop shadow)

1984 cover by David Pearson


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Graying Obama


New Bloomberg Businessweek cover, out today, imagines Obama’s appearance in 2016.

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After the storm


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Good F***ing Design Advice

Good F***ing Design Advice


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Cannes Festival poster

The official poster for the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

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Ad of the day

Berliner Philharmoniker

Cool print ad campaign for the chamber orchestra of the Berliner Philharmoniker featuring expansive photos of the cramped spaces inside musical instruments. More images here. (Via Andrew Sullivan)

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The Shape of Things to Come

Braun T3 and first-gen iPod

Braun T3 pocket radio (1958) and first-generation iPod (2001) (not to scale).

The influence of Dieter Rams’ designs on Apple has been widely noted, for example here and here. A better view of the Braun T3 is here.

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Think Different, cont’d

Muhammad Ali Think Different poster

Poster from Apple’s Think Different campaign (1998).

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Ali for Apple

Think Different 15-second TV ad, 1997

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Think Different, cont’d

Think Different Amelia Earhart poster

Poster from Apple’s Think Different campaign (1997).

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Ford XL-500

1953 Ford XL 500 concept car

1953 Ford XL-500 concept car (via). Cool.

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Paul Rand for Ford

Proposed Ford logo by Paul Rand

Proposed logo for Ford, designed by Paul Rand, 1966. Details here.

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The minimalist’s business card

Paul Rand business card


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Moby reimagined

Moby Dick cover concept

Book cover concept by Matt Roeser (via nevver). Great.

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1938 Bugatti 57S Atlantic

1938 Bugatti 57S Atlantic

1938 Bugatti 57S Atlantic (via)

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You are what you read

Bookstore ad

Wonderful ad for a bookstore in Lithuania called Mint Vinetu. (Via Quipsologies.)

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