Annie Lennox on Creativity

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Louis C.K. on cell phones

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Video of the Day

Time-lapse video of European cities by Dominic Boudreault. Watch it full-screen.

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Best Book Trailer Ever

The trailer for my friend John Kenney’s wonderful new debut novel, Truth in Advertising (available January 22). Best book trailer ever.

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Maurice Sendak’s final interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, in September 2011, animated by Christoph Niemann. Sendak died seven months later. (via The Dish)

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Creativity, happiness and flow

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Louis C.K. on Twitter

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Obama offstage

“As the First Cameraman for the United States of America, Arun Chaudhary filmed President Barack Obama all over the world. Luckily he captured these backstage moments for your viewing pleasure.” (via)

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Gay Talese

Gay Talese gives a tour of his office and discusses his writing habits.

I save everything. I think that I’m a person of record… It’s a whole process of giving worth to every moment of your day. I’ve seen things. I’ve interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people over many years. By saving it, I’m not just being a collector of stuff — I’m a documentarian of what it is that I do, who I know, what I see. This stuff is never dead because stories never die. Stories are never over.

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Ray Bradbury: Story of a Writer (1963)

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Homer votes

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Elmore Leonard on bad movies and good writing

Elmore Leonard interviewed by James Parker of The Atlantic.

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Defending Jacob on the Today Show

A nice mention for Defending Jacob on this morning’s Today Show. Thank you, Charlaine Harris. (This is just a brief 60-second clip. You can watch the whole segment here.)


Also this week, Amazon included Defending Jacob on its list of the best books of 2012 so far. Not a bad week.

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Inside Random House

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Ken Burns: On Story

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John Fox on ball games

Book trailer for The Ball: Discovering the Object of the Game by my friend John Fox (on sale May 14). The footage shows the Kirkwell Ba’, an ancient “folk football” game played twice a year, on Christmas and New Years Day, in the streets of Kirkwall, a tiny coastal town in Orkney, northern Scotland.

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In case you missed it

On this morning’s “Anderson,” Anderson Cooper’s new talk show, Nicholas Sparks named Defending Jacob his #1 recommendation for summer reading. I’m floored. Thank you, Nicholas Sparks, wherever you are!

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Yale vs. Princeton, 1903

The oldest surviving video of an American football game, Yale vs. Princeton in 1903 (via Kottke)

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Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson: “Do schools kill creativity?” Still the best TED talk ever.

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