Boston, 1963. A city on edge. On street-corners, newsboys hawk the shocking headline Kennedy Is Dead. The West End lies in ruins, razed to the ground to make way for a gleaming new development. In the city’s underworld, a mob war rages. And a phantom killer already known as the Boston Strangler terrifies the entire city.

For the three Daley brothers, sons of a Boston cop, crime is the family business, they are simply on different sides of it. Joe is the eldest, a tough-talking cop whose gambling habit — fast women, slow horses — draws him down into the city’s gangland. Michael is the brainy middle son, a Harvard-educated prosecutor who finds himself assigned to the embattled Strangler Task Force. And Ricky, the charmed youngest son, is a master burglar. Each in his own way negotiates Boston’s mean streets. But when the Strangler strikes close to home, the Daley brothers unite to confront an infamous serial killer — and their family’s own deadly secrets.