Best crime novel of the year

Nominated for the Strand Magazine Critics Award for best novel of the year as judged by the mystery-suspense critics of America’s leading newspapers

Praise for The Strangler …

  • “Reminiscent of Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River, The Strangler takes us into a dark world where goodness is smothered and villainy thrives.… I was completely riveted.”
    — Boston Globe
  • The Strangler may turn out to be the darkest crime novel of the year. And also the best.
    — St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • “Expect to see The Strangler on many best-of lists.”
    — Baltimore Sun
  • “Landay’s skillful, realistic characterization of the brothers makes each one likable and noble in his own fashion. Even the secondary characters are intriguing … But it’s the various plots that make this book a standout. Landay’s deftness in weaving them together without dropping a single thread makes for a terrific read.… This is not one to miss.”
    — Kansas City Star
  • “Landay’s cutting, sharp dialogue harks back to classic contemporaries, such as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, but even more to James Ellroy (whose subject matter is similar in dealing with cops, corruption and crime). But where Ellroy works his pen like a surgeon using a scalpel, Landay works through his pages like a gunsel lurking the streets with brass knuckles and a sawed-off shotgun.”
    — Charleston Post & Courier
  • “… genre fiction, but of a high order … an impressive and satisfying performance”
    — Washington Post
  • “a gripping, atmospheric saga”
    — The Wall Street Journal
  • The Strangler is a meaty, ambitious book, made all the more powerful by an author unafraid to tackle the complexities of moral ambiguity.”
    — The Guardian (UK)
  • “William Landay won a CWA Dagger for his impressive first novel, Mission Flats. The Strangler is, if anything, even better: a gripping, grown-up tale, punctuated by shocks, that leads to a shattering conclusion.”
    — The Evening Standard (UK)
  • “[Landay has] been touted as the natural successor to George V. Higgins, and I agree. A dense and satisfying novel of crime and retribution.”
    — The Independent (UK)